System Variables

2016-12-03 Md. Al amin
About Oracle forms System Variables
A system variable is an Oracle Forms variable that keeps track
of an internal Oracle Forms state. You can reference the value
of a system variable to control the way an application behaves.
Oracle Forms maintains the values of system variables on a per
form basis. That is, the values of all system variables correspond
only to the current form. The following list presents the names of
the available system variables
2.1.1 List of system variables SYSTEM.BLOCK_STATUS
Represents the status of the block where the cursor is located, or the
current block during trigger processing. The value can be one of three character strings:
• CHANGED -Indicates that the block contains at least one Changed record.
• NEW - Indicates that the block contains only New records.
• QUERY - Indicates that the block contains only Valid records that have been retrieved from the database. SYSTEM.COORDINATION_OPERATION
This system variable works with its companion SYSTEM.MASTER_BLOCK
to help an On-Clear-Details trigger determine what type of coordination-causing
operation fired the trigger, and on which master block of a master-detail relation. SYSTEM.CURRENT_BLOCK
The value that the SYSTEM.CURRENT_BLOCK system variable represents
depends on the current navigation unit:
• If the current navigation unit is the block, record, or item (as in the Pre- and
Post- Item, Record, and Block triggers), the value of SYSTEM.CURRENT_BLOCK
is the name of the block that Oracle Forms is processing or that the cursor is in.
• If the current navigation unit is the form (as in the Pre- and Post-Form triggers), the value of
The value is always a character string.
Note: SYSTEM.CURRENT_BLOCK is included for compatibility with previous versions.
Oracle Corporation recommends that you use SYSTEM.CURSOR_BLOCK and
Is a variable representing the operating system date. The value is a CHAR string in
the following format: