Database Designing, Normalization & SDLC

Md. Al amin 2016-12-06
Database Designing
Normalization :
Normalization is the process of decomposing relation with
anomalies to produce
smaller and well structured relations.
Normal form :


Md. Al amin 2016-12-06
create or replace function big return number
v_big number:=50;
v_small number:=40;
if v_big>v_small then
return v_big;
return v_small;
end if;

System Variables

Md. Al amin 2016-12-03
About Oracle forms System Variables
A system variable is an Oracle Forms variable that keeps
track of an internal Oracle Forms state. You can reference
the value of a system variable to control the way an application behaves.
Oracle Forms maintains the values of system variables on a per
form basis. That is, the values of all system variables correspond


Md. Al amin 2016-12-03
 create or replace package test01_pkg is
procedure insert_rec(emp_id number, emp_name varchar2,
salary number, mgr number);
procedure insert_rec(emp_id number, emp_name varchar2);
procedure insert_rec(emp_name varchar2,emp_id number );
end ;