Database Designing, Normalization & SDLC

2016-12-06 Md. Al amin
Database Designing
Normalization :
Normalization is the process of decomposing relation with anomalies to produce
smaller and well structured relations.
Normal form :
A normal form is a state of relation that results from applying simple rules regarding
functional dependencies.
1. Normal form :
2. Normal form :
3. Normal form :
4. Normal form :
5. Normal form :
6. Normal form :
DeNormalization :
The process of transforming normalized relations into unnormalized
physical record specifications.
SDLC (System Development life cycle)
1. Project defining
a. Identification, Selection , initialization and Planning of project.
2. System Analysis
a. study of existing system
b. defining goals and objective, scope of the system
3. Logical Design
a. Entity Relationship diagram (ERD)
b. Data flow diagram (DFD)
4. Physical Design
a. database creation, object creation, users, tablespace, tables
5. Development
a. Forms & report designing
b. Creation of procedure, function & package.
6. Testing
a. Define test cases
b. Testing forms, reports & application.
7. Implementation
a. Installation of front end, backend software
b. Deployment of application.